About Me

Hi! I’m Kate.

Welcome to The Singer’s Cafe, a blog for singers and performers to find comfort and inspiration from those who are living the “performer life.” While I am currently living in Columbus, Ohio, I’ve spent most of my life living near Washington D.C. While living there, I saw many of my friends (me as well) working very hard to “make it” in the D.C. theater scene. I, myself, have done almost everything from church section leader, to private voice teacher, to performing consistently, to not performing at all, to taking any and all gigs available.  My experience as a singer, performer, and voice teacher involves a great amount of joy, excitement, determination, coupled with some moments of frustration, confusion, and self-doubt. It’s the nature of the business, right?! Well, what if we could talk through our journeys together? What if I could write about my own experiences and give you my two cents? What if we could talk openly and honestly about the situations we face or the questions we have? These thoughts have motivated me to write this blog!


So here I am, a fellow performer, one who is itching to be your friend, your confident, your cheerleader, and your singing sensei, if you will. It is my goal, no, my mission, to talk about those burning questions, those iridescent fears, and provide you with tips and tricks to help you on your journey as a singer. Topics will include pedagogy, auditioning, repertoire, jobs, physical and mental health, and anything else that might come up! Think of this blog as your neighborhood coffeehouse around the corner (or rather one click away) that always seems to stimulate riveting conversation. So, grab a cup of coffee (I love to add a little cinnamon and cocoa powder in mine) and let’s talk about singing and all that comes with it!


More fun facts about me:

  1. I am obsessed with the TV show New Girl.
  2. I think the most heavenly food combination is peanut butter and chocolate.
  3. I am drawn to most any decor item that is turquoise or mint green.
  4. I could eat coconut curry from my favorite restaurant everyday (if I could afford it).
  5. I shamelessly enjoy reading self-help books and listening to Ted Radio Hour Podcast.
  6. I hope one day to have a Goldendoodle named Felicity or Fiona.
  7. I have more shoes than anyone should ever need.
  8. My friends tease me for always having an apple in my purse. (Well, the joke is on them because I will never starve.)
  9. I was featured on the back of the Labrador Quarterly magazine. (My very short-lived modeling career.)
  10. I have the sweetest, most cuddly Tonkinese cat, named Zeus.