Your Monday Mantras to Keep You Motivated!

Have you ever felt you need to hear just a few little words or one simple, yet powerful sentence? I have. Whether it is an important audition, a graded voice jury in school, or having to rediscover my confidence after questioning having a career in music, I sometimes need a pick me up. I shamelessly LOVE inspirational quotes. I have several framed uplifting quote such as “do what you love, love what you do” or “be awesome” featured in my apartment. But that’s not all, my workout shirts have quotes like “be bold,” and “be happy, be bright, be you.” Plus, I have a quote sent to me at 9:00 am every morning from the Daily Quote app on my phone. You could say I have an obsession…I am an inspirational quote addict.

But this addiction is one that can actually help you. I find they can aid in reaffirming my confidence or temporarily mending a broken ego. So here I am sharing some of my favorite quotes and mantras to alleviate your troubled mind. I hope the following quotes will inspire you and encourage you to keep working, keep smiling, and keep being the incredibly talented and passionate you that you all are.

These quotes are in no particular ranking order except for number one as Eleanor Roosevelt’s tenacity makes me want to claim her as my spirit animal.

  • “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

As performers, we are constantly judged by directors, conductors, adjudicators, and even our peers. This is the nature of the business and the game of competition. But do not let any of those people take away your joy of singing and your determination to perform. Take the experience and the criticism for what it is. It does not define you and it does not break you.

  • “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” –Kurt Cobain

This is a big one…comparing yourself to others. We’ve all done it. It’s hard not to when a sea of sopranos walks into the audition room and you know they are all singing the same repertoire as you. You feel me sopranos? The key is to bring a little bit of you to the audition like a different take on the character of the aria you are singing or impeccable comedic timing. No one can duplicate another person…people see right through it. (Note to young singers: please do not try to emulate your favorite singer by doing everything they do—use them as inspiration, not material).

  • “Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain. Breathing out, I feel stable and solid.” –Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh

If you do not already know, Thich Nhat Hanh, you should. He is a Buddhist monk who has written many books on mindfulness, fear, peace, and mediation. I have always been intrigued by the Buddhist belief and practice. I found Hanh through my research of Buddhism. I have read a few of his books, but my favorite so far is Peace is Every Breath: A practice for our busy lives. Stress, busy schedules, and anxiety play into our everyday lives and as singers, we have to be extremely attune to those factors as they can affect our performance. The meditative quotes throughout this book can be helpful for almost any situation. I particularly love the above meditative quote as it reminds me that I have control of my mind, my reactions, and my attitude.

  • “For me, music making is the most joyful activity possible, the most perfect expression of any emotion.” –Luciano Pavarotti

This is for all you tenors out there. Pavarotti is gold both on stage and off. I found this quote not too long ago and at the most perfect time too. I had been seriously considering looking at another career path because I felt stressed about having to constantly audition. But Pav’s words reminded me that I started pursuing music because I enjoyed it. So I challenge you and urge you to relish in the joy. Remind yourself that that’s why you started because that is what will drive you to continue forging on. It is your why.

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